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Access and Intercom Systems

Grant Middleton

Access Control is a prime example of where system integration can provide tremendous benefits not only by reducing the threat of physical damage to property or theft but also by providing management teams with invaluable data on the movement of personnel.

The need to impose effective restrictions on the access of visitors, suppliers or indeed personnel to buildings (or to valuable data) can be combined with both Human Resources and the management of Health and Safety.

Access Control systems are the most efficient method of monitoring activities and limiting/permitting movement across your premises and they can be as simple or as complex as needed.

Put simply, access control is about ‘who, when and where':

Who is allowed to be somewhere?
When are they allowed to be there?
Where are they allowed to be?

We utilise a variety of methods including audio visual telephone entry systems, swipe card, proximity and hands free access, door monitoring, motorised gates, barriers and bollards, biometrics such as finger print, retinal scan, facial – and have installed all levels of access control in an extensive range of sites including government buildings, shopping centres, office blocks and financial complexes such as the IFSC.


We install & maintain Access Control systems in an extensive range of environments such as shopping centres, banks, large office blocks, street scapes and multi-networked sites i.e.

  • Commerzbank, Dublin
  • RaboBank, Dublin
  • Susquehanna Bank, Dublin
  • Dublin Docklands Development Authority, Dublin
  • Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin
  • Schering Plough (Avondale) Company, Dublin

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