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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is provided as a safety system in most modern buildings. It performs a number of functions, primarily to allow safe escape from a building but also to identify safety signs and equipment such as fire fighting equipment. In addition, it allows essential tasks and safe shutdown in high risk areas and, in specific areas, the continuation of normal operations.

The products used by Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd provide a flexible, cost effective solution to any emergency lighting testing and monitoring system with defined pay back periods based on greater control of maintenance cost.

The primary advantage of our emergency lighting control system is the reduction in maintenance costs as our system has the ability to test each self contained emergency light separately or in any pre-programmed grouping. Each emergency light fitting can be constantly monitored for ‘mains fail'/'battery voltage'/'light output levels' with automated tests and print outs detailing tests carried out, the emergency light fittings that were tested and a report on each light fitting.

The emergency lighting control system can be installed into new buildings and or retro-fitted. Luminaries are available as self contained or slave units for central battery or static inverter systems. A separate PLU (PuLsE Lighting Unit) is also available for retrofit to existing emergency lights or conversion of third party fittings.

All emergency lighting systems installed and serviced by Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd are in accordance with the National Standards Authority of Ireland IS3217.


We install & maintain emergency lighting systems in an extensive range of environments such as large office blocks, shopping centres & sensitive sites such as pharmaceutical company's e.g. Schering Plough (Avondale) Company, Wicklow

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