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Wilec Products

The two most important criteria for security, fire & environmental equipment are that it operates both reliably and continuously. A third very important factor, however, is that our customers receive maximum return on investment.

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd, therefore, invests considerable time in selecting products that meet these criteria and we are constantly reviewing products in the market place so that we can offer our clients the most technically advanced, integrated solutions currently available.

The systems integration market is where Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd really excels with our ability to understand the needs of the customer and to translate these into a flexible, well designed and integrated solution.

The benefit of true integration is the seamless operation of multiple technologies working in total synergy to improve efficiency, expenditure and response times.

We are experts in providing total information management solutions for clients across commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical marketplaces.

Our comprehensive line of value-added integrated products and services runs the spectrum from perimeter security, gate automation and surveillance systems to facility access control, CCTV, fire and intrusion detection and to leading edge technology-based integrated systems.

Our approach is to work with clients to find the right level and combination of security solutions which will be the most effective for their individual needs and the most straightforward to use.

We work with the world's leading providers of equipment using only the most efficient technologies and systems which enable us to offer truly integrated solutions.

CCTV System

CCTV Systems

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd offer a range of high end cctv systems, including the MAX-1000 System Integrator which we have installed in the Monitoring Control Centres in the IFSC complex.


Intruder Alarm System

Intruder Alarm Systems

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd use equipment that is fully compliant with the Private Security Authority requirements in relation to EN-50131. Our preferred suppliers are:

Access & Intercom Systems  

Access Control

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd are the preferred suppliers of the high end access control equipment manufactured by Inner Range Europe (UK) and MDI Security Products based in the US.

Electronic Gates & Barrier

Electronic Barriers & Gates

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd supply, install and/or maintain a range of electronic barriers and gates from some of Ireland 's leading manufacturers such as:


Water Detection Systems

Environmental Systems

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd supply and service environmental systems for a range of customers ranging from water detection systems for financial institutions through to oxygen depletion systems for pharmaceutical companies.


Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd are the preferred suppliers of the Advanced Emergency Lighting System.


Fire Suppression System

Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression Systems

Wilec (Fire & Security) Ltd offer a range of top quality Fire Protection systems from some of the world's leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Advance, Morley, GE Security, Ziton and C-Tec.

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