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Fire & Smoke Detection Systems


Wilec (fire & security) Ltd install and maintain a large selection of fire alarm systems from all the leading makers of fire detection and control equipment - from simple conventional systems to advanced analogue addressable systems.

There are two main types of fire detection systems and these are mainly determined by the use and size of the premises.

Conventional Type fire detection system:

Single to Multi zone systems are used for small premises. Zones will be made up of smoke/heat detectors, manual call points and control relays covering defined areas.

Addressable Type fire detection system:

Single Loop to Multi Loop systems are used for small, medium and large premises. Each detector, manual call point and control interface unit has a unique address allowing for the exact location to be identified rapidly via text assigned to the individual device. This system can be interfaced with building management systems and remote monitoring stations.

All fire alarm detection systems installed by Wilec (fire & security) Ltd are in accordance with the National Standards Authority of Ireland IN-3218. The fire alarm control panels are in accordance with EN54.


We install & maintain fire alarm systems in an extensive range of environments such as large office blocks, shopping centres and specialised environments such as pharmaceutical companies i.e.

  • Schering Plough (Avondale) Company, Co Wicklow
  • Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2
  • Shalimar Apartment Blocks, Dublin
  • Georges Docks 2 & 6, IFSC, Dublin 1
  • Exchange Place Buildings , IFSC, Dublin 1
  • Sigma-Aldrich Ireland, Co Wicklow

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